Over the years our products have proven to be unsurpassed as they are both wear and cut resistant. That makes our pulley wheels the perfect solution for high-stress applications, such as load wheels, pulleys, conveyors, etc. Our pulley wheels can carry up to three times higher load than the competition, and also withstand really extreme environments, hot or cold.



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Quality Supplier

Smooth operation, low noise, low vibration

1.We offer One-stop service From raw material organization to processing production and assembly 2.We have professional engineer
team and the strict quality control system to guarantee the quality of the products. We have many advanced equipment to ensure the
precision of the products

Belt pulley wheel, belonging to the hub parts, the general relative size is larger, the manufacturing process is generally based on
casting, forging.Generally the larger size of the design for the casting method
In addition, crane wheels to meet your special design requirements can be produced in virtually any size, configuration and surface finish condition.


We’re very professional supplier in timing pulleys, gears, worm gear, bearings,couplings,some motion and transmission parts.All products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the international standards (ISO).The products are widely used in CNC machine,3D printer,automobile,textile machine,agriculture machine,construction machine,automatic apparatus and well sold both in domestic and abroad.
Our future development is based on this knowledge,the human resource,and our commitment to development principles.


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