China Chain and sprocket factory : Drum 20B-2 Roller Chain in Aurangabad India  Motor 220V 380V Auto Roller for X Ray Device with ce certificate best quality low cost

We – EPG Team the largest Chain and agricultural gearbox manufacturing facility in China with 5 diverse branches. For much more information: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

specialize in electrical power transmission products Chain,pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes , CATV goods, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and promotional merchandise.ISO It has recognized secure cooperation with several nicely recognized universities and institutes in china this sort of as, Zhejiang University, Jilin University, Specialized committee of nationwide chain travel common, Institute of national chain push, Zhejiang software engineering materials institute, Huhan substance defense institute and it cooperated to discovered China Initial Automobile chain institute with Nationwide chain push institute.9001:2000 certified. Stocking distributor of power transmission items like roller & several strand roller chains. Merchandise also incorporate brakes, generate factors, gears, torque limiters, U-joints, pulleys, sheaves, encoders, belt drives, clutches & motors are also obtainable. Producer of standard and custom roller chains. Suited for getting older, pressure relieving, warmth dealing with and powder coating applications. Aerospace, automotive, armed forces, power, composite, pharmaceutical and numerous other industries served. Turnkey techniques integration and most items accessible in inventory. Tonlo113 electric powered roller can be utilized for conveying gear with particular needs on the room, lower sounds and higher power of the transmission system. HX113 electric roller adopts large-precision processing methods. Through good grinding of substantial alloy gears and particular large-precision assembly strategies, electric roller has achieved the globe-class level of this sort of products in terms of minimal running noise and powe

This item is widely utilized in the following industries:

Protection screening equipment (airports and stations)

★Packing industry      ★Packaging machinery        

Energy belt scale      ★Pharmaceutical sector

Airport baggage handling program      

Meat and poultry processing sector

Postal sorting ★Belt conveyer

Electrical roller style
It stHangZhourd barrel is produced of minimal carbon metal and the surface area of the concluded product is coated with antiru EPT oil.Foodstuff grade barrel is 304 stainless metal.Anti-skid threads are machined on the floor of the stHangZhourd barrel body.

Gear drive

·High alloy metal fine grinding equipment ensures extremely-minimal sounds during rotation.
·Die ca EPT aluminum gearbox


·The stHangZhourd barrel is made of low carbon steel and the surface of the completed item is coated with antiru EPT oil.
· Anti-skid threads are machined on the surface area of the stHangZhourd barrel physique
·Food grade barrel is 304 stainless steel.
·Motor Oil Immersed Heat Dissipation
·When the cable goes out, the stHangZhourd size of the cable is 1.2m.

Sealing Grade of electric powered roller

·The shaft finish adopts double sealing design.
·The seal security grade of electric powered roller is IP66/67


·Before leaving the manufacturing facility, electrical roller has filled the oil according to the stHangZhourd.
·Change the oil each and every 50000 several hours of operation.


Safe operation
Different from the conventional copy and mixture of one program of motor reducer device, “TONLO” electrical roller will motor, reducer and EPT areas assembled in a sealed container human body, Only the supporting shafts at each ends are fastened on the conveying products to make the procedure of conveying products safer. 

Help save a space
Different from the conventional motor drive method (generally composed of motor, reducer, push drum, bearing seat, chain and help), 
The electrical roller assembles all the external elements in the identical cylinder human body and trave EPT a simple driving device, thus reducing transportation
And place occupied by equipment. 

Reduce vitality use
When compared with “TONLO” electric roller, the classic external travel system immediately transfers electricity from the motor to the rolling surface area, drastically shortening the conduction process, improving the motor’s operating efficiency up to ninety seven% and preserving strength intake up to 30%. 

Ensure reduced operating noise
“TONLO” electric roller is assembled with high-quality alloy metal grinding gear, European stHangZhourd motor and stringent tolerance. 
Guarantee the large quality of electric powered roller and really minimal noise when working. The sounds price is much decrease than that of electric roller
StHangZhourd requirements. 

Straightforward upkeep
The electric powered roller is developed to be completely sealed so that all the core parts will not be damaged by the exterior environment for the duration of procedure. 
Metallic equipment electric roller every 5000 hrs to change oil, polymer gear electric roller lifetime upkeep. 
Function and handle
The driving block that will guide the long term gives a number of effective possibilities for you, variable speed Settings, continuous velocity (not continuous load at the identical time), acceleration and deceleration time regulation. 
Merchandise Informantion
This variety of electric roller can be mounted area and satisfy the torque necessity. It is trustworthy, cost-free of routine maintenance and oil-renewing, room-conserving. It can be use in many fields. 

·A backstop can be in addition arranged without having affecting the shorte EPT length of the cylinder human body.
·An electromagnetic brake can be moreover put in, but the shorte EPT length of the cylinder human body will be correspondingly lengthened.
·Horizontal set up
·Idle speed and cylinder length can be created in accordance to customer’s needs.
·According to buyer requirements, we can make numerous non-stHangZhourd electric powered roller.


Tolon electric powered roller -1*220V/50HZ- Parameter Table

pole variety Equipment collection Gear ratio Nominal waiting around velocity
Rated present
Minimum cylinder size
Least cylinder size fat
.twelve/.16 4 3 60.66 .15 forty nine.04 868 .84 290 eleven
49.36 .18 39.eighty three 705
41.07 .21 35.forty one 627
37.7 .23 31.87 564
31.fifty nine .27 25.49 451
twenty five.70 .34 21.21 376
214.38 .forty 17.68 313
19.sixty three .forty four 15.ninety three 282
2 15.71 .fifty five twelve.88 230
13.07 .sixty five 10.eighty five 192
12.00 .71 ten.34 183
6 3 60.sixty six .08 seventy nine.sixty seven 1410 1 325 13
49.36 .10 63.73 1128
.fifteen/.twenty four 3 sixty.66 .fourteen sixty one.30 1085 1.24 300 11
49.36 .17 forty nine.seventy eight 881
41.07 .21 44.24 783
37.70 .22 39.83 705
31.fifty nine .26 31.87 564
25.70 .33 26.56 470
21.33 .39 22.15 392
19.sixty three .43 19.94 353
2 15.seventy one .fifty four sixteen.27 288
thirteen.07 .64 thirteen.56 240
12.00 .70 12.ninety four 229
.eighteen 4 3 sixty.sixty six .fourteen 73.56 1302 one.40 three hundred twelve
forty nine.36 .seventeen fifty nine.seventy eight 1058
41.07 .21 53.eleven 940
37.59 .22 forty seven.eighty 846
31.59 .26 38.twenty five ())
25.70 .33 31.87 564
21.38 .39 26.56 470
19.sixty three .43 23.90 432
2 fifteen.71 .54 19.49 345
13.07 .64 sixteen.27 288
12.00 .70 15.48 274      
.23/.31 4 3 49.36 .17 seventy six.33 1351 1.67 325 thirteen
41.07 .20 sixty seven.86 1201
37.70 .22 61.08 1081
31.59 .26 48.87 865
twenty five.70 .32 40.seventy four 721
21.38 .38 33.ninety six 601
19.sixty three .forty two 30.57 541
2 fifteen.seventy one .fifty three 24.97 442
13.07 .sixty three twenty.seventy nine 368
twelve.00 .sixty eight 19.seventy eight 350

Observe: Based mostly on the bare minimum excess weight of cylinder size, the weight of electric powered roller increases by 2kg for at any time

Tonlo electric roller 113-3*220V/380V/50HZ- Parameter Table


pole amount Equipment sequence Equipment ratio Nominal ready velocity
Rated present
Bare minimum cylinder duration
Bare minimum cylinder length weight
.twelve/.sixteen four 3 sixty.66 .14 forty nine.40 868 .forty two 270 eleven
49.36 .seventeen 39.eighty three 705
forty one.07 .twenty 31.87 627
37.70 .22 31.87 564
31.fifty nine .27 25.49 451
twenty five.70 .33 21.21 376
21.38 .39 17.sixty eight 313
19.63 .43 15.ninety three 282
2 15.71 .55 twelve.88 230
thirteen.07 .65 ten.eighty five 192
twelve.00 .seventy one ten.34 183
6 3 60.66 .08 seventy nine.sixty seven 1410 0.67 290 13
49.36 .ten sixty three.73 1128
.15/.twenty four 3 sixty.sixty six .fourteen sixty one.thirty 1085 .47 290 11
49.36 .17 forty nine.seventy eight 881
41.07 .21 44.24 783
37.70 .22 39.eighty three 705
31.fifty nine .26 31.87 564
twenty five.70 .33 26.56 470
21.38 .39 22.15 392
19.63 .forty three 19.94 353
2 fifteen.seventy one .fifty four sixteen.27 288
thirteen.07 .sixty four 13.56 240
twelve.00 .70 twelve.94 229
six three forty nine.36 .eleven 79.67 1410 .eighty two three hundred thirteen
.18/.24 four 3 sixty.sixty six .14 seventy three.56 1302 .seven 290 eleven
49.36 .17 fifty nine.78 1058
41.07 .21 fifty three.11 940
37.70 .22 47.80 846
31.fifty nine .26 38.twenty five ())
25.70 .33 31.87 564
21.38 .39 26.fifty six 470
19.sixty three .forty three 23.ninety 423
2 fifteen.71 .fifty four 19.forty nine 345
thirteen.07 .sixty four sixteen.27 288
12.00 .70 15.48 274
.twenty five/.34 4 3 49.36 .17 82.ninety nine 1351 .eighty four three hundred 13
41.07 .twenty seventy three.seventy three 1201
37.70 .22 66.39 1081
31.fifty nine .26 53.11 865
25.70 .32 forty four.29 721
21.38 .38 36.86 601
19.63 .42 33.22 541
2 fifteen.71 .53 27.12 442
13.07 .sixty three 22.sixty 368
twelve.00 .68 21.forty seven 350
0.37/.50 4 3 31.59 .26 seventy eight.sixty 1351 1.thirteen 325 14
twenty five.70 .32 sixty five.60 1201
21.38 .38 fifty four.59 966
19.sixty three .forty two 49.13 870
2 15.71 .fifty three forty.14 710
13.07 .sixty three 33.forty five 592
twelve.00 .68 31.86 564

Note: Dependent on the minimal excess weight of cylinder duration, the excess weight of electrical roller increases by 2kg for every single 100mm improve in cylinder duration.

Tonlo113 Selection Table-electric roller/Pushed roller

Ingredient description motorized pulleys Pushed roller
Carbon metal crown cylinder one one
Carbon steel straight cylinder two two
Stainless metal crown cylinder two 2
Stainless metal straight barrel 2 two
Front and rear stop caps    
Ca EPT aluminum end cap 2 2
Stainless metal finish cap 2 two
Front and rear axle    
Nickel plated shaft one 1
Carbon metal shaft 2 2
Stainless steel shaft two 2
Plastic baggage    
Black flat vulcanizate two two
White flat vulcanizate 2 2
Polyurethane flat vulcanizate 2 two
Single or 3-section asynchronous motor one  
Voltage 1*220V/50Hz or 3*220V/50Hz 1  
EPT Voltage at 50Hz or 60Hz 1  
Installing thermal protector one  
Oil for lower temperature atmosphere two  
Edible grease 2  
Wire connector    
 Direct outgoing line one  
Curved outlet 2  
Stainless metal elbow outlet three  
Aluminized end cap box two  
Stainless metal stop cap box 3  
Pvc cable 1  
Minimal smoke halogen-free cable 2  
Shielded Cable (Inverter) three  

Observe: 1- StHangZhourd Assembly Option 2- Non-StHangZhourd Common Choice 3- Restrictive choice, which shall be verified with the maker

Outline Dimension Drawing of Tonlo electric roller

Tolon Motorized pulleys

  Curved head    Curved head    Stainless metal bent joint    
 Curved head


The use of authentic equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) portion figures or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our organization and the shown replacement areas contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or created by the OEM.

China Chain and sprocket factory : Drum 20B-2 Roller Chain in Aurangabad India  Motor 220V 380V Automobile Roller for X Ray Equipment with ce certification leading high quality lower value

China Chain and sprocket factory : Drum 20B-2 Roller Chain in Aurangabad India  Motor 220V 380V Auto Roller for X Ray Machine with ce certificate leading top quality low value

China Chain and sprocket factory : Drum 20B-2 Roller Chain in Aurangabad India  Motor 220V 380V Automobile Roller for X Ray Device with ce certificate prime quality lower cost

China Chain and sprocket factory : Drum 20B-2 Roller Chain in Aurangabad India  Motor 220V 380V Auto Roller for X Ray Device with ce certificate leading high quality reduced value