chains with blades as conventional products. Seek the advice of us for even more specifics.
(a) Continuous Movement Conveyor Chain
Constant Flow Conveyor Chains are applied for our conventional continuous flow conveyors. Based on the conveyed subjects, the next 3 types of attachments are available. The fundamental chain is usually either a Conventional Conveyor Chain or even a Sturdy H-type Conveyor Chain.
(b) Chains for Dust Conveyor
This chain is utilized for conveyors solely for carrying dust. Based on the application, the next three styles are available:
1) Roller S Conveyor Chain for reduced density powder with Attachment B or B1 for U and LU Sort Dust Conveyors
2) Roller M Conveyor Chain for medium density powder with Attachment KL or KUL for DU, DU-S, LDU and LDU-S Sort Dust Conveyors
three) Block Chain for highly abrasive powder with KL or KUL attachments for DUB, DUB-S LDUB and LDUB-S Kind Dust Conveyors