“H” Class Mill Chain is definitely an ex-tremely solid, serviceable chain originally de-signed for heavy drives and transfer conveyor purposes in saw mills along with the paper and pulp business. “H” Class Chain has confirmed itself for innumerable other industrial applications too, specifically for reasonable duty in abrasive atmospheres where heavy, rugged chain is re-quired.
The sidebars in the “H” Class hyperlinks are rein-forced with sporting shoes which strengthen and stiffen the links when it truly is operated in troughs or above ?oors and runways.
Pin holes are precision cored to assure accu-rate pitch sizes, which range from 2.308 to four.000 inches. “H” Class Chain is obtainable in the two riveted and cottered construction. T-head pins engage two lugs cast around the links’ side-bars. This con?guration prohibits pin rotation throughout chain operation, eliminating abrasive wear and pitch elongation.
“H” Class Chain conforms to manufacturer’s specifications and is totally interchangeable with chains of other companies. “H” Class Chain is available in -Locke Promal with tensile ranges of 9,450 to 40,500 pounds.
“H” Class Chain might operate in two directions. As a drive chain, it travels while in the direction with the closed barrel; for elevator or conveyor applications, it really should travel toward the open ends of the backlinks.
Brutaloy or cast steel sprockets are available to accommodate every “H” Class pitch size. A broad assortment of attachments can also be avail-able for varied chain applications.