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Total EPTT EPT velocity corrugated cardboard carton box printing slotting EPTT


l Satisfy the processes instantly i.e. paper feeding, printing (one~four colours), scoring, trimming, slotting, angle cutting (hole punching) or die chopping, stacking

l Made in accordance to higher request and reliable purpose, XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.nization operation that can location, revision, employ, changing and meXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) in brief time, and display information.

l All of EPT rollers are produced of high good quality metal, hard chrome plated the floor with grinded.

l The EPT EPT adopts excellent good quality metal after warmth treatment method and EPT shaving procedure, all of primary EPT EPT geared up with cross slide block to make positive EPTT precision.

l The main EPT roller adopt keyless connect, lessen the relationship hole, make certain printing precision.

l Engineer oil computerized balance system, hold the oil level equivalent in each device.

l Stage adopts electrical EPTT adjusting with quotautomatic zero return quot and quot meXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) quot perform

l It adopts roller kind lead edge feeding or press kick kind feeding technique.

l The principal motor is frequency motor with VDF, work secure.

(1) feeding device:

  1. EPTT EPT joint and shift:

l In circumstance the electric powered control EPT is joint and shift, the alarm is emitting to protected operators security.

l Travel roller with friction cluth in keep away from to damaged EPTT thanks to incorrect procedure.

l EPT locking device.

l Major motor is frequency motor, conserve power. Start off stable, with protect unit.

  1. Roller type direct edge feeder:

l Roller variety guide edge feeEPTTwith EPT aid program, modify wind in accordance to cardboard bend make positive feeding sheet easily

  1. Feeding roller:

l One row feeding roller

l Leading roller with steel core and is lined externally with anti-abrasion rubber with no damaging the corrugated condition and ensure the feeding accuracy and to increase the chromatograph precision.

l The lower roller is made of higher high quality metal materials, and is processed with exact scraping, grinding, knurling, hard chromium plating,

  1. Baffle:

l Left and rigEPTT baffle handbook regulation, entrance baffle hole guide regulation

  1. Zero back again device

(2). EPT unit

EPT forme roller:

l Good quality seamless steel pipe, it although lathed grind, by means of stability test, operating stably.

l With the plate hanging groove, merged with the ratchet wheel, it is utilized to repair the plate-rolling axle to straightforward forme hanging.

l Euuipped with foot swap electric powered handle roller EPTT and inverse rotate

  1. EPTTression cylinder:

l seamless steel pipe, it although lathed grind, by way of equilibrium check, managing stably.

l The manual regulating swift micro hole self locker is used among effect cylinEPTTand the printing roller and the scale set up indicates location instructions and volume

  1. Feeding roller:

l Leading roller is thick excellent quality metal pipe is wrapped with anti-abrasion rubber

l Base roller is thick excellent top quality metal pipe, area by way of lathed grind, chrome plated, and through harmony examination.

l The manual regulating fast micro hole self locker is used at feeding roller the scale mounted signifies environment directions and quantity

  1. Anilox roller:

l Steel pipe, it through lathed grind, chrome plated and by way of stability check, working stably.

l The mesh line number is one hundred eighty-two hundred lines/inch, Buyers can select.

l It adopts automatic pneumatic up-down unit( when feeding, anilox roller down instantly in accordance to get, when end, anilox roller carry in accordance get)

l Anilox roller connected Sphenoid overrunning clutch, distributing ink, thoroughly clean ink handy.

l The guide regulating swift micro hole self locker is employed at anilox roller and the perception cylinEPTTand the scale set up suggests placing directions and volume.

  1. EPT roller:

l Steel pipe area is lined with the anti-abrasion rubber and by means of balance test

l The rubber roller is processed with EPTT grinding to preserve very good inking influence.

l The handbook regulating swift micro gap self locker is used in between rubber roller and anilox roller. and the scale put in suggests placing directions and amount

  1. Section adjustment mechanism:

l planetary EPT system.

l The printing phase can be readjusted, EPTly EPTn by 360 degree adjustment (working, halting).

l The horizontal movement of the printing roller can be adjusted manually with the adjustment range of plusmn14mm

  1. Ink Circulation

l With the pneumatic diaphragm pump, automatically recycle,it is secure in ink source and simple in operation and maintenance.

l Ink filter web to filtrate impurities.

l With the enclosed ink groove.

  1. EPT Period FiXiHu (West EPT) Unit:

l Air cylinEPTTbraking system.

l When EPTT models independent or altering phase, braking program limit EPTT running, hold unique position.

  1. Remember and Memory:

l With Recall Memoryfunction, right after washing the printing plate, the printing roller will back again to the first printing situation.

(3). Slotting device

  1. Creasing wheel:

l The creasing wheel is produced of substantial high quality metal substance and is grinded and scraped and tough chromium plated.

l Roller area grinded and chromium plated, by way of harmony take a look at.

l The manual regulating fast micro hole self locker is utilized amongst the upper and reduced creasing wheels. and the scale mounted implies placing directions and quantity .

  1. AXiHu (West EPT) Adjustment Mechanism of Slotting Cutter Seat:

l seamless steel pipe, it however lathed grind, by way of equilibrium check, operating stably.

l Alloy metal substance with heat remedy and grinding, enamel knive, excellent hardness and thoughness.

l Alloy metal substance with warmth remedy and grinding, teeth knive, good hardness and thoughness.

l Noticed tooth Slotting cutter width is 7mm.

l The aXiHu (West EPT) motion of the slotting cutters and creasing wheel can be altered synchronously by hand.

l The guide regulating quick micro hole self locker is used between t the upper and reduced cutters. and the scale installed suggests setting directions and amount.

  1. EPTT hand gap puncher:

l Optional, EPT will be charged moreover and the puncher’s and die cutter sizes, made a decision by customers.

Principal EPTT parameters





EPTT within width (mm)




Max feeding paper siz(mm)

a thousand*2200mm



Max powerful printing dimensions(mm)

one thousand*2000mm



Min protection measurement(mm)




Layout pace (pcs/min)




Doing work pace (pcs/min)




StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Thickness of printing plate




EPT precision




Thickness of cardboard




Wall thickness




Principal motor EPTT

About :15kw

About :15kw

About :15kw

  in Songkhla Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Quality 3 Colors Printing Slotting Die Cutting Pizza Box Making Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Songkhla Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Quality 3 Colors Printing Slotting Die Cutting Pizza Box Making Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler