pulley wheel for agricultural

All products in strict accordance with ISO9001 standard requirement.Made in china.

If you prefer customizing new models, drawings or sample pictures are welcomed.


Material Carbon steel, low alloy steel, structural steel, tool steel,

aluminum alloy, stainless steel

Process Free forging, die forging, pressure forming,roll forging, electric

heating forging, precision forging

Equipment Press machine, forging hammer, friction press, roll forging machine, electric

furnace, heat treatment furnace, quenching machine

tool and salt liquid quenching furnace

Surface Treatment Coating, zinc phosphide, impregnation, electric galvanized, hot dip

galvanized, e-coating, painting, spray paint, black and blue

oxide coating, anodized ,passivation

Testing Equipment Spectrum analyzer, tension tester, hardness tester, three coordinates

detector (CMM), caliper, micrometer, dial gauge, microscope, roughness

tester, salt spray testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray detection machine, magnetic particle flaw detector,

air tightness testing machine, thickness gauge

Production usage Auto parts, train parts, mining accessories, engineering machinery parts, valves, pipe fittings, construct



pulley wheels are one of the specialty products that we manufacture in our in-house machine shop that is well-equipped with sophisticated machinery. Over the years our products have proven to be unsurpassed as they are both wear and cut resistant. That makes our urethane pulley wheels the perfect solution for high-stress applications, such as load wheels, pulleys, conveyors, etc. Our urethane pulley wheels can carry up to three times higher load than the competition, and also withstand really extreme environments, hot or cold.