vacuum pump

VACUUM PUMPS OF SPIRAL SLICE Kind Use scope The single stage oil cycle vacuum pumps of spiral slice style of series SYF and double stage oil cycle vacuum pumps of spiral slice style of your series of 2SYF are vital equipment for abstracting the fuel from obturational container to get vacuum. The double stage vacuum pumps of spiral slice kind from the series of 2SYF used for abstracting to acquire vacuum again to the basis of single stage pumps. It may make the method achieve the highest stage vacuum. Attributes (1) The style of stopping oil-returning The passage of gas admission is specially made to prevent the returning of pumps oil delivering the abstracted container and pipeline immediately after the pumps quit working. (two) The style of environmental safety The design of built-in gadget of mist getting rid of, and set oil-gas seperator within the vent, both cope with the pollution of oil during the course of exhausting efficiently. (three) Aluminum alloy casing of electric machinery The electrical machinery use aluminum alloy casing, it’s substantial efficiency of heat emission, and be certain long time typical operation continously, in addition, it has superior visual appeal quality. (4) The layout of integration The electrical machinery and pumps use the layout of integration making the solutions additional serious and realistic. (five) Huge commencing up moment Our product styles specially aiming with the environment of low temperature and electric stress. guaranteeing the machine begins ordinarily at lower temperature of winter environment(?Y-5??) and lower electric stress(?Y180V).